Dash Diamonds mission is to provide timeless jewelry and quality with cutting edge designs. We are proud to showcase our versatile diamond inventory of hand-picked diamonds, chosen for their extraordinary performance. Our selections are well manufactured, beautifully designed, properly presented by a knowledgeable staff, and tastefully wrapped, so that each Dash Diamonds gift is special. Our objective is to offer a collection of jewelry for every taste and every occasion with high quality craftsmanship and competitive pricing.
With over 30 years of experience, we dedicate ourselves toward earning our clients trust, and we do this by sharing our values, experience, and expertise, utilizing our cutting-edge technology and assisting in creation and design. We are accomplished artists as well as experienced diamond brokers who are sensitive to our clients wants and needs, and our expertise is a valuable resource to those who want to define their own personal style. Our passion is to deliver trust, integrity, expertise, and customer satisfaction. Our GIA certified diamonds are the best quality and value you will find anywhere.


The jewelry we carefully select is the most popular, elegant, and eye catching; Rings that will make your special day unforgettable. Our collection includes bridal rings, mens bands, necklaces, earrings, timepieces, charms and so much more.


At Dash Diamonds we believe every customer deserves to have a respectful and memorable experience. Our Staff’s 45 years of experience is our foundation. We will do anything and everything possible to satisfy the customer.

Meet Joe Yatoma

Joe YatomaJoe was born in 1987 in Southfield, Michigan.  He grew up in nearby Farmington Hills and attended Walled Lake Western High School.

The Early Years

Following his graduation from high school, Joe managed multiple family-owned retail businesses in the metro Detroit area.

During this time, he was offered a job with a diamond wholesaler which at first he refused.  His hesitancy revolved around the feeling of leaving the family businesses and for overall concern of his father.  Following lengthy conversations with his father about the opportunity and assurances from him that the family businesses would be fine, Joe took the step forward into the diamond industry.

After a few years of tremendously hard work with his new employer, Joe saw an opportunity to revolutionize the diamond industry by providing the highest quality diamond jewelry at the most affordable prices.  In order to support is aggressive vision for the future Joe elected to work with one of the largest diamond wholesalers in New York City.  This relationship led to Joe receiving a world-class education in gemology that could not be learned in a gem lab or school.  Generations of knowledge were passed on to him from the industry experts that he uses to this very day to deliver the best possible experience for his customers.

Creating The Dash Diamonds Experience

Joe harnessed his experiences from early positions in the diamond industry, the mentorship of industry expert HK Mallack in New York City, and the education he received while working with industry founders to establish Dash Diamonds in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

Joe attributes the following tenets as his keys to success for building Dash Diamonds into one of the most respected diamond wholesalers that offers the highest quality diamonds at the most affordable prices:

  • We take time to listen to our clients and learn what they truly want with their diamond experience
  • We provide an unparalleled education about diamond quality, authenticity, and value
  • We provide on-site product comparisons so the client can see different options knowing that buying diamonds is not a ‘one size fits all’ experience
  • We enjoy making customers happy by setting the right expectations for them through ethical practices


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Building Customer Trust on Value, Quality, and Service

Joe embraces the opportunity to earn customer trust by working tirelessly to establish and sustain the keys to success that have positioned Dash Diamonds as the destination for diamond jewelry in metro Detroit, MI.  They include:

  • The ability to provide on-site diamond testing to ensure GIA authenticity with results that are delivered to the client in seconds
  • Creating customized engagement rings around the size and shape of the diamond
  • Providing a welcoming, pressure-free environment for the client
  • Providing unbeatable pricing on the highest quality, GIA certified diamonds
  • Refusing to offer lab-grown diamonds in lieu of GIA certified diamonds to any client


Listen to why value, quality, and service matter to Joe’s customers.

Joe’s Ethics and Integrity

One day, a potential customer visited Dash Diamonds and inquired about a particular set of diamonds.  Per company policy, Joe listened and then provided four different diamonds for comparison along with the GIA certifications for each.

Soon after his initial visit, the potential customer returned and demanded to purchase the diamonds he was originally shown by Joe…immediately.

This behavior sparked Joe’s curiosity and he subsequently learned that the now-customer had visited two other diamond wholesalers and very reputable retail jewelry store with the test results and price Joe had given him where he was offered $2,500 more than Joe’s price by the competition!

Listen to why customers place their trust in Joe.

Joe’s Continuing Education and Training

Joe is a continual learner and uses ongoing education and training as one of the foundations of success for Dash Diamonds.  He attends various diamond training programs twice per year in New York and Los Angeles, along with attending JCK Las Vegas which is the largest gem trade show in the United States.

Joe’s Favorite Hobbies and Past Times

Joe enjoys fishing in one of Michigan’s many beautiful lakes and streams and bicycle riding with his family on Sunday’s.  He is also an avid book reader and regularly enjoys documentaries that offer inspiring and unique perspectives on the world.

Connect with Joe

If you would like to schedule an appointment to get your diamonds tested by Joe and view the beautiful selections at Dash Diamonds, please call (248) 757-2704 or visit https://www.dashdiamonds.com.