My fiancé and I met with several different jewelers to obtain the best stone for the price. Based on other jeweler’s quotes, I did not feel as if I would be able to get the ring that I was hoping for due to our budget. Later, I was referred to Joe. My fiancé and I met with him and despite our other meetings with several other jewelers, Joe took the time to educate us about diamonds. We got a better understanding of what we want, what we should look for, and an accurate pricing for the same. Joe was extremely fair with his pricing. Even when we wanted a stone that was more expensive, he told us that it’s not necessary. He isn’t in it just to make money; rather, he truly cares about satisfying his customers. I got the most beautiful stone from him and he beat everyone’s prices by a few thousand dollars. Since then, every friend that I have referred, has the same experience as me and my fiancé and are so happy that I sent them to my jeweler